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This is Jesus We’re Talking About

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Feb 02 2016

This is Jesus We’re Talking About

The nations of our world are in such a disarray. I believe that God is looking for a people that will rise up and speak out on His behalf – one that will stand firm in the beliefs as the followers of Christ. He’s looking for a people that will make a difference in this time, in this generation. He’s looking for a people who aren’t afraid of what others will think but instead speak out for what is right – not only for the beliefs of our faith but to spread the word of God to those who are only hearing a one-sided story. I believe that God is looking for a generation that will say, “yes here I am Lord. Send me, I will go.” There are so many who have turned away from God or who refuse to give the hope of God a chance in their lives. They’ve tried everything – everything – else but they refuse to try Jesus. If we have Jesus living in us the way we proclaim to, then the hope of our nations is among us. The hope of our nations is in the churches with us, the subways with us, the streets the classrooms, the businesses, the homes. Jesus is the hope for the world – you are the hope of the world. Jesus lives inside of you. This is Jesus we’re talking about! Jesus who came to give us life – we are to spread and share His good news! What are you waiting for? There is an alternative to living an empty life – and those who know the answer are called to share it with the world. Regardless of your situation, your career, your home-life… if you know Jesus and have a relationship with God and He lives within you then it is you who are to rise up and share it with the world, with your world, the world that you can reach within arms length today. He’s looking for a people who are willing to make a difference – in His name. I believe that if 12 of his disciples can make an impact on the world by spreading the gospel then surely of the millions who claim to be followers of Christ that we can stand together to show the world a Jesus who is the answer.

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